Darren Miller, President & CEO, Director

Co-founder of Stratocom and 25 years in the oil and gas sector with experience in operations, manufacturing and development as a proprietor.            

Founding partner of a leading Canadian risk management company focused on corporate asset protection.


Tom Vogler, Vice President    Sales & Marketing

30 years’ leadership experience in business management, development and corporate finance served in management, sales, operations, director and financing roles in private and public markets throughout North America. Track record of assisting a multi-national company in raising more than US$2.5 billion over a period of eight years.

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Randy Blott, Director of Business Development

Over 24 year’s experience in sales, sales training, sales management, business development in the private capital markets. Experience in working with start-ups through to multi-national companies in the areas of data technology, pharmaceuticals, water treatment and real estate. Key roles in business development and key client acquisition and retention.

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Philip Reece, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Director

Founder of InDro Robotics Inc., a technology firm that creates custom  unmanned vehicle solutions for data collection. Over 25 years’ experience in the technology and commercial aviation  sectors, including 12 years in the oil and gas industry. Experienced  in  building  successful start up  companies  in  IT,  oil  and  gas,  control and instrumentation sectors worldwide. Works with industry and regulators to shape the industry.